Magora is a brand that was born to evoke the pleasure of being a woman, through the creation of a fashion ecosystem with the best trends in the market, reflected in the design of a line of haute couture shoes and clothing, quality at a fair price. The challenge was to create a new visual identity for the brand that reflects and evokes that woman feeling.


We have created handmade and impactful serif typography to be the logotype of the brand and a color palette that communicate
Then We create a Brand Architecture for Magora with 3 business lines: CASUAL – BASIC -SWIMWEAR.
Each design of the brand is characterized by its elegance, its careful and pampered seams in detail, and the use of high-quality materials. Among its garments, some more casual are combined with others of more sophisticated designs for parties and more special events. The range of colors of this brand is very wide, although pastel colors such as and AQUAMARINE stand out, on which the brand is intended to position itself.